Keromask Full Cover Concealer | MEDIUM No 15 | Covers Vitiligo, Rosacea, Scars, Tattoos | Waterproof Camouflage Makeup | 24 Shades | 15ml

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EAN: 5014697052766


Keromask is a leading camouflage cosmetics range, designed for all skin types to disguise all pigmentation disorders, small or large, such as vitiligo, port wine stains, scars, tattoos, and acne, rosacea & under-eye circles.

Please note – if you are new to Keromask we highly recommend you purchase one of our Sample Pots first to ensure you achieve your correct colour match.

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Keromask full cover camouflage concealer is an ultra-highly pigmented and extremely concentrated foundation for disguising a variety of common skin problems. These include, cover and hide vitiligo, cover and hide rosacea, cover and hide scars and stretch marks, cover and hide tattoos, cover and hide acne scaring. These are just a few of the skin conditions Keromask will help cover, for a more detailed list please look at the “How to Use” section on the Keromask website.

Powerfully concentrated, just a small pin-drop of Keromask is all that’s needed for many kinds of skin discoloration coverages. Generally one thin smoothed layer is sufficient coverage for most situations.

Everyday make-up can be applied over a sealed area of Keromask without disturbing it. Keromask is waterproof, smudge proof and heat resistant when used with the finishing powder and can also be worn when swimming or playing sports, and just one application can last up to eight hours, providing you with effective coverage throughout your day.

Keromask should never be applied on open lesions or unhealed scar tissue. Keromask is NOT TESTED on animals and does not contain animal derivatives. Keromask is Fragrance Free and Hypo-Allergenic

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1 review for Keromask Full Cover Concealer | MEDIUM No 15 | Covers Vitiligo, Rosacea, Scars, Tattoos | Waterproof Camouflage Makeup | 24 Shades | 15ml

  1. Nen W

    Very good cream! I am a black woman, Fitzpatrick scale skin category 5, I use it EVERY day to cover a HYPOpigmentation (lighter than my skin colour) birthmark on my face and it has never failed me. I mix my medium No.15 cream with the yellow mixer as i have yellow undertones and find the camouflage cream itself to be more red/warm based, if its not mixed with the yellow. So if you have yellow/cool undertones, i would recommend you purchase the Keromask yellow mixer. People do not even realise i am wearing make-up and belive it is my skin but it is also about the way I apply it. I apply it only where i need it, hence my tube lasts me about a year or longer, not on my whole face. It is just on my cheek and then I gently blend it out into the surrounding area followed by translucent powder to set. I LOVE IT! It stays on ALL day, 99% of the time, I don’t even have to reapply, maybe just re-powder as it can become greasy looking on me at times (if I get hot or sweaty, but not always, it depends how bad it is. But despite the greasiness, the coverage is still maintained!). I have even slept in it and in the morning it is still on my face (i do not lay on the side my birthmark is on, as purposely vigorous rubbing/friction mixed with or without heat can make it come off slightly). I have also gone swimming in it aswell and it doesnt move at all. As long as you are careful and do not aggravate or rub the area you use it on it will not move! Just dab the area dry as recommended by Keromask. Its amazing, i have been using it for about 5 years now and it has changed my life and given me a new found confidence. Thank you so much for inventing this and at such a fair price! I don’t feel like my money is being exploited as with some other companies just because you have an imperfection they exploit this and want to charge ridiculously for their solutions. Thank you Keromask! From a loyal happy customer! Xx

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