Loyalty Points

Loyalty points will automatically be applied to your account after every purchase made. The points can then be applied to your next order or saved and allowed to accumulate for any future orders. The Loyalty points can be used at any time and do not expire.

Points Breakdown

For every £0.01 you spend on the Keromask website you will receive 1 x Loyalty point (you do not receive Loyalty points on postage costs)

Each Loyalty point has the redeemable value of £0.0001

Viewing your Loyalty Points

To see how many loyalty points you have available and what they are worth then you need to follow these steps

Log into the website using the “Log In” icon at the top right of the screen

Once you have logged in, click on “My Account” in the top right of the screen

This page will then show you how many points you have remaining and what the value of those points are

You will also have a box on the right hand side of the screen that will show you your points and value while you shop.

Redeeming your Loyalty Points

To use your loyalty points is very straight forward. Once you have decided on the products you wish to order and you have entered the check out process you will see a section called Loyalty points within the payment details section.

In here you will be shown how many Loyalty Points you have and the cash value of these points. If you wish to use all or some of your Loyalty Points then all you need to do is type in the cash value under the section “Apply amount (cash value) to this order”. This will then deduct that amount from what you need to pay.

If you have decided to only use part of your Loyalty point entitlement then the website will show you how much you still have remaining to use.

If you have any question with regards to our Loyalty Points system then please email us on if@keromask.com