I never write reviews for products but I feel I should for Keromask as it has actually changed my life. I have spent hundreds on makeup from top names to cheaper brands , all of them promising to be 'no smudge' 'lasts for the day' etc etc... They don't! I suffer with melasma and unfortunately for me on my upper lip and I also have dark melasma areas on my cheeks. No makeup has ever covered it up and whenever a photo was taken of me I would be mortified at my 'moustache' like lip... It was painfully obvious. I started using keromask and even took it on holiday as after the powder was used to set the foundation on my lip and cheeks... I looked normal.Photos taken were not now dreaded. I also cycle a lot so would hate that when I stopped for the coffee stop after sweating (gross but I work hard!) I no longer felt embarrassed to sit with people and if I needed to I could always put a tiny bit of makeup on as the tube is small and discreet and one tiny pinhead size of makeup covers my lip. I cannot thank Keromask enough for giving me my confidence back and letting me smile again 🙂 The product lasts months and once set with the powder it lasts all day! I actually feel beautiful when I do my makeup and confident and pretty. I'd also like to add that the service is second to none . When I was unsure about how to use it I had an immediate response and advice 🙂 The delivery is very quick and the advice is exceptional knowing I am dealing with 'people' who care ? Thank you so much X