I have at last found a product that is great for my complexion and skin type . I have been using the Keromask Camouflage Cream Light No 3 and Keromask Mineral Rich Finishing Powder Light for a number of years. This was following research on the internet which led me to telephone the company to ask for advice. I was assisted in choosing the product I needed in a friendly helpful and professional manner. I subscribe to their mailing list to receive help and information about their products and this week had an email offering 20% off orders of certain items. I took advantage by submitting an order but forgot to include the offer code so paid full price. Keromask however sent a reminder to say the offer was closing which prompted me to send an email asking if their offer could be applied to my order despite it having already been delivered within 48 hours of my order being placed and my omission of including the offer code in my order. Their reply within minutes was not only efficient and prompt but Gary, without further question, confirmed that they would refund the difference and that he had already refunded my Paypal account. I also received confirmation within minutes afterwards from Paypal that the refund had been credited. For their efficiency professionalism and courtesy both in their sales and after sales service this company is to be applauded. I hope this testimonial encourages others to place orders and deal with this company as it is one of the best if not THE BEST company I have ever had dealings with.